Sandby borg

Sandby borg is the story of a 1 500 year old massacre on the south-eastern coast of Öland. Who was responsible for this hideous act? Our skilled archaeologists, who are currently excavating the ancient ring fort, have the answers. Due to the unique findings of the site and the murder mystery, the story about Sandby borg has become world-famous. During a visit at the exhibition you will learn more about the dramatic events and see the magnificent golden treasure found at the site.

Every day throughout the summer we offer a guided tour of the Sandby borg exhibition at 1 pm. Welcome to take part of the gruesome story on the 2nd floor at Kalmar County Museum.  

How it all started...
In 2010 several spectacular discoveries were made at Sandby borg, one of Öland's ancient ring forts. Among these were treasure troves containing exclusive brooches as well as glass beads originating from the Mediterranean area of the Roman Empire. Since then the archeologists have conducted small-scale excavations annually. From these they have been able to ascertain that a massacre had taken place, a massacre where the deceased have been left where they fell. This has given us a unique snapshot into the time of the gruesome event, as well as how the daily life might have looked like by the end of the 5th century AD.Follow us in our search for knowledge about the ring fort, its inhabitants and their world.